Stuff I do in college


Hi dreamies, CASS here! As you all know, I’ve been studying in a fashion designing course for about 2 months now, & to be true, I’ve experienced quite a lot, besides meeting new people from different aspects, I also tried out some different experiences. So enjoy my story telling ♥

As for the garments that I’m wearing above, it was a finished project from a group of my seniors.

Actually I tried out a lot of fitting lately for our seniors in the same course, & it was a breathtaking experience because they have such creativity that I couldn’t really achieve in my current state, I still need to work extra hard to reach that level TT

They don’t simply design plain clothes for their collection, they came out with so much special and exotic designs, and some that I found extremely beautiful. As for all the complicated stitching & drapery, I can’t imagine how I’m going to do it myself in the future haha.



This is literally the first small test that I had for one of my classes, and to point out that it’s the first day of school. I think the outcome of my design is quite strange, actually the color and pattern was better before I added all the floral printing and stuff, but I’m a flower freak, so what! haha

So basically we have drawing classes, I mean the one about sketching & learning human body proportions. I need to claim that this is not my artwork, it’s actually my lecturer’s drawing. Oh my god, she is such a pro!

And this hideous one is mine haha, bare with it guys, I’m not good at drawing human faces, and also bodies.


Basically, this is what we draw besides the faces, actually I’ve done some with colours but didn’t manage to take pics before I pass it up to my lecturer.

The last photo was actually a recent one, or should I say yesterday ^^ I think I kinda improve with the body proportions. It’s easier for me to draw a human body with right proportions now.


I also learn french in school, and it’s cool to actually learn a language that you’ve been longing to learn. The starting was fun, but it gradually gets complicated, sometimes I can’t really focus in french class because the long hour classes that I took before french class, life is just so hard nowadays TT

” Bonjour! Je suis CASS, J’ai 18 ans ” (Just a simple sentence to introduce myself )


Actually, each of our classmates owns a mannequin, obviously a female one, if you can see the body parts haha. As for the black strings that you see on the mannequin, we need to pin it one by one, as in ‘tons of pins for just one string’.

At first it was soooooooooooo damn hard, but for now it’s better, but still hard, because we don’t just simply pin it, we have techniques for the pinning and also need to measure a lot of proportions before we pin. And the hardest part is the string needs to stay straight.

I named my mannequin KSANDRA, as you might not know, it’s my instagram name. KSANDRA is quite good for a hugger, I mean I’m always the one who’s hugging her, and she basically stays at school, I don’t bring her home haha ^^ As my lecturer said, I’ll be spending my lifetime with her, maybe a dreamy life haha.

My desk, I mean this is still considered clean and neat, but the table in my hostel is sooo stuffy omg TT Plus the table is too small.




I think a fashion designing course is a fun thing to study, but it’s also tougher than other normal courses, because other than research work, we need to also finish physical projects like drawing, stitching and all, we not only work on computers, but we also work on paper and fabric.

Sometimes I’m overwhelmed with all the assignments but I still don’t feel stressed out or anything, I think my high school trained me well haha!

This is just the very start, so I think I’ll have a lot more to share after this. Soon I’ll also post stuff about my personal books (the pic above). If you guys wanna know more about my school life, or about the school’s  information and all, feel free to comment or email me, I’ll try my best to help out.

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Birthday Card Tutorial ‘2


Hi guys, CASS here! Having lots of leisure time recently, so I’ve been keeping up on my ‘One birthday, one card’ routine ( I think it’s a habit since I was a kid ). Therefore, to make the person receiving it happy, I need to think of different ideas and designs for all the gift cards (remind: no repetitions TT ), ex: birthday, mother’s day, father’s day, Christmas….☺

Throughout the past years, I’m more into arts & crafts rather than painting or drawing, so I’ve decided to improve my painting skills. And, wallah! I’ve completed a full-painting birthday card. Mind to inform you, I’ve became a flora-freak lately ♥ Enjoy



If you’re not the ‘super creative’ type of person, but you need a lot of new ideas, this application named “PINTEREST” might be very helpful. It’s an app which is full of everything. A place which people share their creativity, life hacks, designs and more! Take a look, I’ve downloaded it on my phone ☺


Photo credits: Etsy,

These examples gave me inspirations for this birthday card. Lovely flowers ♥


A big mess, that’s the so-called “art” haha. At first I paint my border with flowers and plants, by leaving an empty space in the middle. Watercolor is a good choice, but you can try out color pencils or markers too.


Just simply add a ‘Happy Birthday’ quote, play with the fonts to make the quote stand out! If you notice, I’ve shaded the words with a gold gliter pen to add a little sparkle on it ♥ Just some tiny details

Extra (greeting cards) :


These are some greeting cards that I decided to make for my future housemates (going to KL soon), but I’m not sure if I will hand it out to them, ’cause things might get a little bit awkward if they think that I’m over enthusiastic. I’ll consider it by the time haha!

These are simple to make, what you need is some white cards and watercolor paint ♥ See ya —- LOVE, CASS

Paper Quilling Tutorial ‘1


Hi guys, CASS here! Here to share my first quilling experience today, if you’re still not sure about what ‘quilling’ is, here are some beautiful examples  (click me☺) For me, it seems to be something fun to do, since I love all kinds of art, it’s a good thing to try something new ! So I’m gonna share the process of my first paper quilling piece ♥ Enjoy



1. Firstly, I made the petals of my flowers. I made 4 flowers in total, in 4 different sizes respectively. (only posted 3 of them below)


Big size ↑


Medium size ↑


Small size ↑


A better view of the size difference. ↑


2. Next, I made these circular shapes as the middle part of my flowers.



3. Made a butterfly in accident & decided to use it ♥



4. Made some leaves, with different colors.


A tutorial I found on Pinterest, hope it helps ☺ [ Credit to ]



5. Created some flowers which haven’t blossomed.

6. Glue it all together on a piece of card or paper, prefer in white.



7. At last, I decided to add some more leaves for the finishing touch. There you go ! A paper quilling piece created ♥






A good idea for birthday cards too.


Paper quilling may take a lot of time at first, but you’ll get use to it soon, if you like arts & crafts, this will be a good thing to do to spend you’re leisure time. Be creative & surf the web for more quilling ideas. Hope you enjoy my tutorial, and subscribe to my blog for more. See ya — LOVE, CASS ♥

Nail Tutorial ‘2 ( Christmas Edition)


Hi fellas, CASS here! Sorry for the super-duper late tutorial update, I really didn’t mean to postpone the tutorial for sooo long. I’ve been busy with a lot of things, since I’ve just moved into my new house, which means there’s no Wifi available for about 2 weeks, so I’m not able to update. Although Christmas has been over a long time ago, but I still decide to post this tutorial, maybe it will help some of you in the next Christmas ☺ Enjoy ♥


  1. Firstly apply a coat of base coat to protect your nails.

2.Apply some red nail polish on either 3 of your nails.img_9517

3. (Red Nail 1) Apply another coat of gold/ silver glitter nail polish.img_9523

4. (Red Nail 2) Draw a small heart.img_9531

5. (Red Nail 3) Apply a coat of white nail polish above the red one, and leave a the bottom edge. Draw the details of the snow man as follow.


6. (Empty Nail 1) Follow the steps below, and draw Santa’s costume.

7. (Empty Nail 2) Follow the steps below, and now you have Santa’s head ☺

8. Then your done with you’re Christmas nail art !



Here’s my right hand nail art, it’s a little strange, so I’ll just share a photo of it hahaha ♥ LOVE, CASS.


Nail Tutorial ‘1

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset



Hi fellas, CASS here ! Here’s my first nail art tutorial, it’s very simple, besides, I haven’t bought the nail tools that I needed, but I’ll soon ☺ So please bare with the flaws, because I’m using bamboo sticks and hair pins to draw my nails for now. Let’s start anyway, enjoy ♥



  • Nail painting brush (bamboo stick / toothpick )
  • Gel top coat
  • Gel base coat
  • Nail polish: silver , pink / nude
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors



Steps ♦:

  1. Cut your nails or shape them, if you want to. (I cut my nails shorter and squared them)



2. Apply a coat of nail strengthener or nail protection gel. (I’m using O.P.I’s nail strengthener)img_9339img_9341


3. Apply a coat of pink/ nude color nail polish.




4. Cut masking tapes into the shape as below ⇓



5. Paste the shaped-masking tape on your nails, leave a small space between the tip of your nail and the tape. (You can random your designs, don’t need to paste it on all nails)



6. Paint the upper tip of the your nails with silver nail polish, and the masking tape will prevent you from painting outlined.

*You need to peel off the masking tape as fast as possible, before the nail polish dries, it’s best to peel off right after applying the color.img_9360



7. Draw some small dotes with a nail brush/ bamboo stick at the sides of your nails to add some design.





8. Lastly, apply a coat of top coat to protect your nail art, to prevent them from damage. Then your nail look is done !




I’ve done my little sis’s nails too, just sharing them ♥ Cute pinkish, a little pig on the thumb, she loves it !






Hope you enjoyed my tutorial, I’ve always wanted to play with nail art since some time ago, I used to go for nail manicure during holidays, but now I decided to learn it on my own, the process was pleasurable. Still learning. If you’re having a boring day, give it a try !

I’m going to make a CHRISTMAS NAIL ART ♣ tutorial soon, subscribe for more, and follow my blog, my instagram —- LOVE, CASS



Birthday Card Tutorial ‘1

Hi my dreamies, CASS here ♥ Since I’m making my mom’s birthday card, I decided to share my first craft tutorial, a simple birthday card ! Follow me & enjoy.



  1. Design a birthday quote on a piece of paper/ card, it’s easy to use different font styles to design the words. Draw a circle around your quote & cut it out.


2. Use any suitable craft paper bits or draw patterns on a circular shaped paper, and cut out the middle part of it (dotted line part) , to create a border.


3. Stick your ‘quote paper’ (step 1) & ‘border’ (step 2) together with glue.


4. You need a piece of white card and some patterned craft paper (it’s ok to use color paper). Fold the white card into half.

5. Stick the patterned paper on the cover of your card, there’s 2 kinds of ways, either vertical or horizontal.

6. Choose a ribbon that suits your design, I choose brown for mine. Stick the ribbon on the top of your patterned paper. (*but not to the very top, leave some edge)

7. Find a some double-sided tape (thicker ones are better, because it creates a 3D effect) , stick the ‘quote paper’ at the center of the ribbon.

8. For the inner part, you’ll need a piece of color paper. Cut the color paper into a smaller size ( 27cm x 19cm ), fold it into half and stick it to the white card.


9. Cut out 2 piece of white card into a smaller size ( 11cm x 17cm ), make some design. For me, I drew a small cartoon of my mom & I, and paste a photo on the other one.


10. Stick the small white cards (step 9) on the your big card. (this is a photo before I designed the cards, sorry haha ☺ )


11. Then it’s done.


Now, go give your beloved friends or family a surprise birthday card, hope you enjoyed my tutorial, I’ll try to update more ! Follow my blog to see more, see ya ♥ my instagram —-LOVE, CASS