Burger & Lobster dining experience


Hello there~~~ CASS here ! Went to Genting Highland a few months ago just to try out the first Burger & Lobster branch in Malaysia. Actually it was my Dad’s idea, since he had tried the original restaurant located in London. Enjoy my post ♥

Hadn’t visited Genting Highland for quite some time, I remember going there, feeling excited for the theme parks & the cold weather when I was a kid. Ahhh~~~ my childhood ……

Since I’ve went there a few months ago, most of the shops were still renovating then, but I think they’ve all started their business now. You can refer to the pictures above ^^

There’s a lot of restaurants & cafes for you to choose, and I’ve heard that the Premium Outlet in Genting has opened. You’ll sure pay a visit if you’re a shopaholic.

My brother & I went for some churros while my dad was queuing up for ‘Burger & Lobster’.

This ‘Street Churros’ is located beside ‘Burger & Lobster’, the churros are considered okay, and the price is also quite expensive, but you can have one if you’ve never tried a churro before ^^ (I’ve had my first ever churro in Disneyland, California. Sweet memories ♥)



Snapped a pic before putting the food into my stomach ^^

I’m not kidding, you really need to queue up for a taste of ‘Burger & Lobster’, but this was a few months ago, maybe the crowd has started to get lesser now? My dad had waited about 1 hour ++, can’t really remember.


If you guys are interested, this is the menu. For your information, by left is the member price, by right is the normal price for non-members.


Patiently waiting for our food, I’ve ordered a grapefruit soda to ease my dry throat.

We sat near the corner of the restaurant. This is only part of the view.

Finally, our food had arrived.

Lobster Roll- The Original (Above)

Wild Live Lobster- The Original (Below)


Feed the camera !!!

Overall the food was fine, but nothing beats the original (what my dad said haha, considered the original ‘London Burger & Lobster’ provides raw ingredient from another sea ^^)


Sunset, the colour of the sky was beautiful. Probably will pay another visit when the new Genting Highland outdoor theme park is ready in the future ♥




Dad & I ♥

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A visit to Taylor’s Lakeside Campus


Hi guys, CASS here! Actually, I’ve visited the campus some time ago, but still decided to write a very short post about it ♥ (This picture was not taken by me, by the way ^^)



The night view of the campus was astonishing, lights from the buildings, & reflections on the surface of the lake. A great place for campus couples to … keep company & relax? hehe

Never meant to compare my college with this campus, as you all know, the contrast of both the schools is ….. super obvious TT But I still love my college haha


Great place to take a picture when you come for a visit. (But ugly me ruined the photo TT)



The so called ‘lakeside’! This lake really adds up a ‘uni campus’ feeling for me, & there’s lots of ducks around there (very noisy ducks, not to mention )


Me & my friends couldn’t stop taking pictures, but it was quite dark at night, so the pictures came out in low quality. Manage to climb onto this wall and sit for a picture, but the wall is actually quite tall! (I’m smiling on the outside, but shaking in the inside, so scared of falling! I told my friends to be quick haha )

You can see the background, there’s a lot of restaurants and shops in the building, but the restaurants there weren’t much to my liking  ^^

And lastly, I’ll end this post with some strange looking pictures, photo failures TT I’m not sure if there’s people walking around me or not, never mind haha, I’m not even from this school ^^

Hope you enjoy this short post, it’s fine if you don’t, ’cause I’ll update more about other stuff, since I’m in my holidays now! See ya guys soon, be sure to follow me on Instagram & subscribe to my blog ♥ —– LOVE, CASS.

EXO – The War ( The 4th Album ) review


Finally, my long awaited EXO comeback ♥ As you all might not know, I’m a hardcore EXO-L, I’ve been following them since their pre- debut days, that’s about 5 years ^^ And Sehun is my ultimate bias ♥♥♥♥

Aa some of you might know, EXO has released their 4th album, called ‘ The War ‘, which was still released in 2 languages- korean, chinese. So this is my first time making a review about EXO’s music, or even anyone’s music, so here I go !


So this is the new EXO logo, I really resembles the ‘summer’ vibe. Creative design, again.



MV Review:


First, lets talk about the title song, Ko Ko Bop’s music video. Matching the logo, and the summer season, the MV is really colourful and playful, besides I think they also used their ‘superpowers’  as an interesting element in their new music video. There’s hamburgers floating around, handsome guys dancing and singing around, which makes me hungry…. Ya know what I mean haha! But I miss Lay too~

exo-the-war-ko-ko-bop-videoexo-the-war-album EXO are still able to deliver very sharp dance moves in the music video, as usual. But I really wish there were more to be shown in the video, the synchronization of their moves still gets me!

Album Review:


  1.  The Eve
  2.  Ko Ko Bop (Title track)
  3.  What U Do
  4.  Forever
  5.  Diamond
  6.  Touch It
  7.  Chill
  8.  Walk On Memories
  9.  Going Crazy



1.The Eve

A song which can kinda be used as the title track if ‘Ko Ko Bop’ wasn’t  (which most of the songs in the album are). The background beat of the opening was leading me to hear more about it, although it’s not a super upbeat song but it somewhat develops into a song that you can body wave to (especially the faux horn in the chorus part). Sexy song ^~^

Live performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fz6SHUbvgwo



2. Ko Ko Bop

The title track itself is a tropical house beat song, it was all smooth until the dance break and beat dropped, it kinda shocked me, ’cause I though the whole song was just going to be ‘normal’.  It’s different from what EXO usually sound like, but this is something fresh for them. It has some sort of reggae vibe and the bold chorus makes the song more special. Their vocals are awesome, as usual~~~

Live performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bc0XW89yKrk


3. What U Do

When I first listened to the song, the sound at the start made me think that I opened the wrong link into some commercial or something. Overall, this is a pop song with old school vibes, a song which gives you positive energy!


4. Forever

This song has a lot of diverse sounds in it, from the rap till the soulful vocals. I especially loved D.O. , Chen & Baekhyun’s part in the song, which is the chorus part, it just gives the song a powerful boost, giving a futuristic vibe. While, Chanyeol and Sehun’s rap part is also well done. (The part where Chanyeol raps in non-human speed)


5. Diamond

The song kicks in with the sound of the grand piano, but ended up with an Arabian vibe, the adlibs in this song were great. I really felt like I’m in Egypt or some other country, and that ‘shinin shinin just like a diamond’ part just made this song kept repeating in my mind.


6. Touch It

A very catchy song, just feel like dancing to this song! The song has a retro theme, but mixed with modern elements, the vocals shined out in this song, expecially D.O.’s voice, a very 90s vibe, the music was light and rich.


7. Chill

The song was very diverse in each part, it sounded a bit like different songs mixed together, which the rap part caught me off guard, which is my favourite part of the song.


8. Walk On Memories

The whole song was slow and soft, it’s suitable for listening if you want to relax and have a rest. The dreamy tone of the song made me feel like I’m in my dreams, airy background music with soothing voacls.


9. Going Crazy

Love the instrumental of this song, all the random violin bits in the background just adds up the tension of the song ♥ The beginning was very mysterious, the EDM matches well with the rest of the song. Well composed song in my opinion. (extra: although Lay was absent in this comeback, but still decided to use his picture)



EXO-32EXO (1)

I just wanna share my love for these boys, if you’re interested to know more, you can click into the links that I’ve insert above, or do some research of your own about ‘EXO’. They are a korean boy band, debuted under SM Entertainment in the year 2012, currently has 9 members.

This album- ‘THE WAR‘ is able to compete with my all time favourite album of EXO  – ‘EXODUS‘, you can also take a look, ‘EXODUS‘ is really one of the best recent kpop albums in the industry!

Personal Song Ranking (The War)

  1. Ko Ko Bop
  2. Forever
  3. The Eve
  4. Touch It
  5. Diamond
  6. Going Crazy
  7. Walk On Memories
  8. What U Do
  9. Chill


I’m also going to anticipate in their repackage album of ‘THE WAR”, hope the album will be as good as this particular one, and wish to see Lay also joining the group in the future promotions. All I can say is GOOD MUSIC + HOT GUYS = EXO ♥ See ya guys soon, LOVE, CASS.

My 1st Photo shoot experience


Hi everybody, CASS here! I haven’t updated for a very long time already, ’cause I’m sooo busy with my school projects and assignments, and it’s insane, I’m half dead already haha!

Actually, I originally wanted to write this post about my first photo shoot experience, right after I finish my photo shoot, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to squeeze out time for my blog TT But now I have a little time to catch up the posts that I’ve postponed, so enjoy!


So firstly, this was my makeup for the photo shoot, collab with a local street wear clothing brand called Kiz Urban

For me, the makeup was considered heavy, I think it’s because of the lipstick, actually I borrowed the lipstick from a friend of mine, because I don’t really use dark coloured lipsticks. In order to match with the concept, I put on the suitable makeup.


The photo shoot took place in the Bukit Bintang district, the weather was humid and we’re all wearing thick long hoodies. Plus, for convenient purposes, I was told to wear a tube top beneath, so you can imagine how I feel under the sun. I literally looked like someone who just came out from the shower.

These are some behind the scenes of the shoot, I was sitting in a fake vehicle which probably hadn’t been clean for who knows how many years, I’m trying my best to look professional while fighting the urge to let out a disgusted face haha, this was so funny!


My face changed back to ‘normal mode’ right away, after the photographers stop, I was thinking ‘how the hell someone can stand this weather under all these clothes’, while saying  ‘it’s so hot here right?’, but they just looked at me awkwardly, and I was like ^~^


Luckily, the photos came out quite nice, thanks to the brilliant photographers and this ‘not so professional’ model haha! But this doesn’t look like me at all, I think my friends will also find the photos strange because I’m usually not related with the street vibe, but I’m trying hard nowadays.

And again, some more behind the scene photos. You know, as I’m not a professional model, and this is my first time trying out a photo shoot. I was so awkward at the beginning, ’cause I didn’t know a lot of poses, and I need to put a straight face on, and I mean it, no laughing and no smiling, just need to act cool and look as fierce as you could, , but as someone like me, I was laughing mad inside, but I manage to hold on my craziness.


Personally, I think I look better in black? What do you think? By the way, changing the fishnet while you’re all sticky and sweaty, it’s the worst thing ever…

My friend who accompany me to the photo shoot, and help me carry all my stuff, thanks hehe, Kenwin (Left)

My photo shoot partner, who looks mature but younger than me (what….), nice to meet you, Joe (Right)


As a first timer, solo shoots were already very difficult, and for someone whose a bit shy with strangers, couple shoots were a bigger challenge for me. But I manage to get more comfortable around my partner, after some self introduction and chit-chat.


I really like the photo’s that we’ve took beside the road, because the garment that I was wearing matched the background well, black & yellow stripes. The spade logo at the front was simple but cool!

Out of all the looks, I personally like the black hoodie the most, if you guys are interested, you can find it here.

Photos took by my phone:

I think they still look decent, even though the effects and quality of the professional cameras are obviously better.


IMG_2944The real meeee~~~~ (Someone photo bomb-ing ^^)

So, in my opinion, it was a very fun and interesting experience, that I encourage people to participate if they have a chance. Although it’s kinda tired, but I’ve learned some new poses and manage to meet some new people. So as a one-time experience ‘model’ this is what I’d like to say:

  • Remember to bring your makeup products for some touch up.
  • Better to wear something inside (that can be shown in public), because you may need to change in public.
  • Bring a friend with you, if you don’t have an assistant. It’s more convenient, and it could be less awkward.
  • You’ll need to be comfortable under the eyes of others, because most of the people will just stare at you when you’re doing photo shoots in public (I remember there’s one time which I sat down beside the road, and a lof of people in their cars turned around and stared at me, creepyyy)
  • Lastly, enjoy and have fun !!!


Photo credits to:

Clothing brand: Kiz Urban 

Photographer: _aixam


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Stuff I do in college


Hi dreamies, CASS here! As you all know, I’ve been studying in a fashion designing course for about 2 months now, & to be true, I’ve experienced quite a lot, besides meeting new people from different aspects, I also tried out some different experiences. So enjoy my story telling ♥

As for the garments that I’m wearing above, it was a finished project from a group of my seniors.

Actually I tried out a lot of fitting lately for our seniors in the same course, & it was a breathtaking experience because they have such creativity that I couldn’t really achieve in my current state, I still need to work extra hard to reach that level TT

They don’t simply design plain clothes for their collection, they came out with so much special and exotic designs, and some that I found extremely beautiful. As for all the complicated stitching & drapery, I can’t imagine how I’m going to do it myself in the future haha.



This is literally the first small test that I had for one of my classes, and to point out that it’s the first day of school. I think the outcome of my design is quite strange, actually the color and pattern was better before I added all the floral printing and stuff, but I’m a flower freak, so what! haha

So basically we have drawing classes, I mean the one about sketching & learning human body proportions. I need to claim that this is not my artwork, it’s actually my lecturer’s drawing. Oh my god, she is such a pro!

And this hideous one is mine haha, bare with it guys, I’m not good at drawing human faces, and also bodies.


Basically, this is what we draw besides the faces, actually I’ve done some with colours but didn’t manage to take pics before I pass it up to my lecturer.

The last photo was actually a recent one, or should I say yesterday ^^ I think I kinda improve with the body proportions. It’s easier for me to draw a human body with right proportions now.


I also learn french in school, and it’s cool to actually learn a language that you’ve been longing to learn. The starting was fun, but it gradually gets complicated, sometimes I can’t really focus in french class because the long hour classes that I took before french class, life is just so hard nowadays TT

” Bonjour! Je suis CASS, J’ai 18 ans ” (Just a simple sentence to introduce myself )


Actually, each of our classmates owns a mannequin, obviously a female one, if you can see the body parts haha. As for the black strings that you see on the mannequin, we need to pin it one by one, as in ‘tons of pins for just one string’.

At first it was soooooooooooo damn hard, but for now it’s better, but still hard, because we don’t just simply pin it, we have techniques for the pinning and also need to measure a lot of proportions before we pin. And the hardest part is the string needs to stay straight.

I named my mannequin KSANDRA, as you might not know, it’s my instagram name. KSANDRA is quite good for a hugger, I mean I’m always the one who’s hugging her, and she basically stays at school, I don’t bring her home haha ^^ As my lecturer said, I’ll be spending my lifetime with her, maybe a dreamy life haha.

My desk, I mean this is still considered clean and neat, but the table in my hostel is sooo stuffy omg TT Plus the table is too small.




I think a fashion designing course is a fun thing to study, but it’s also tougher than other normal courses, because other than research work, we need to also finish physical projects like drawing, stitching and all, we not only work on computers, but we also work on paper and fabric.

Sometimes I’m overwhelmed with all the assignments but I still don’t feel stressed out or anything, I think my high school trained me well haha!

This is just the very start, so I think I’ll have a lot more to share after this. Soon I’ll also post stuff about my personal books (the pic above). If you guys wanna know more about my school life, or about the school’s  information and all, feel free to comment or email me, I’ll try my best to help out.

Stay tune for more upcoming updates, please subscribe if you like my story, see ya  ♥ ——- LOVE, CASS

Twinning Time ❤


Hi guys, CASS here! As you all know, in college I like to dress up for class, & have fun with my closet. So now I have a bunch of classmates who has the same interest, and we’ve started doing some twinning , we had fun doing these & it came out quite good! And recently trying out the street style kinda look, I don’t know if it suits me or not haha.

This is the NG photos, so awkward to take pics on the table LOL.


This is the actual photo (feat. Kenwin)



There’s always a funny behind the scenes before the photo was taken (feat. Kenwin)

We’re twinning with the velvet top, I’m in blue and she’s with pink (feat. Ryian) ♥ LOVE HER


It’s just a coincidence that we’re all in blue (feat. Kenwin ,again) That’s my cap though ^^



We finished one of our presentations last week. This marketing presentation is to talk about a haute couture fashion brand, and we’re told by the lecturer to dress up similar to the brands style & vibe. So this is what it turned out to be.

It’s quite interesting to dress up for presentations, besides the formal wear. We’re actually from different groups,  but I guess we blend well haha.

I’ll update more about my college life soon, stay tune & see ya ——– LOVE, CASS.


My College Daily Outfit ♥

Hey guys ♥ CASS here ! I’m in college now & currently majoring in a Fashion Design course, which makes me feel a little frustrated day by day because I have a lots of assignments to do & need to think of what to wear to school every single day TT

But it is fun to mix & match my clothes, and sometimes I would even find and create new styles. So I’m here to share my closet and choices for daily outfits, Enjoy !



Look 1:

Choker (Forever 21) + Off shoulder top ( ZARA ) + Denim skirt + Wedge sandals (Charles & Keith)



Look 2:

Black crop T-shirt ( ZARA ) + White shorts + Jacket around waist


Look 3:

Choker + Sunglasses + Blue oversized button up + Shorts


Look 3:

Cap + Sleeveless crop top + Denim shorts + Oversized Jacket


Look 4:

Pink Sweater ( ZARA ) + Denim skirt ( ZARA )


Look 5:

Choker + Off shoulder dress


Look 6:

Oversize long sleeve shirt + Fishnet stockings + Sneakers



Look 7:

Long sleeve top + Braces skirt ( MANGO )


Look 8:

Oversized button up (MANGO) + Shorts + Sneakers


Look 9:

White t shirt (ZARA) + Sleeveless top overlay (Forever 21) + Shorts


Look 10:

Sleeveless turtle neck top (ZARA) +  Ripped jeans (ZARA) + Sneakers




As you can see, I love to wear chokers with off shoulder tops, it’s a simple combination. As for oversize tops, you can simply wear any shorts beneath. Other than the outfit itself, It is better to add some accessories that is suitable for the look (ex: earrings, watches, bracelets… ) You can style up your hair too (ex: ponytails, hair buns, braids…) to show diverse styles.

By the way, have fun with your daily outfits, and find the style that suits you the best. Besides having good fashion sense, having confidence within yourself is more important. Confidence shines out the most ♥ See ya soon —– LOVE, CASS.

Movie Day with Daddy Mommy


Last Saturday was the premiere of ‘Fast & Furious : The Fate of the Furious’ in Malaysia. As what I always do for the past franchises of the movie, I went to book tickets beforehand ASAP. ( Spoiler alert!!! )

Since my parents were driving up to Kuala Lumpur for work, they decided to go to the movies with me ( Feel sorry for my brother, ’cause he didn’t get to watch it with us XD)

Since I have school the next morning, at first we thought of buying the tickets between 6:00pm to 8:00 something, but we only tried to buy our tickets early in the morning, so there’s only late showings left. Sad for me, I need to choose the late hour movie time, and still need to go to school the next day TT


The movie for me, was awesome and epic as always, the car racing scenes, and the action fighting scenes were incredible, especially the whole ‘driving beautiful cars on cracking ice’ setting >_<

Other than the action settings that had enlightened me, touching scenes wet my eyes a little, ex: They mentioned Brian, a.k.a. the late Paul Walker in the movie, as if he & Mia were still living peacefully somewhere TT Appreciate the beautiful scene, may him rest in peace.

The movie may seem off sometimes without the presence of Paul Walker, because he was one of the main characters in the story, and the best partner of Toretto, but I could feel that the director tried hard to make us focus on the plot itself.

By the way, Tyrese Gibson (act as Pearce) was still the funny guy who made me laugh again & again throughout the whole movie. He is so mischievous & still scared of dying in this franchise hahaha.




Dwayne Johnson— THE ROCK (Luke Hobbs) , this big guy had some funny scenes with Jason Statham (Ian Shaw) this time. The argued a lot and nearly fought multiple times , but it came out that enemies could turn out to be buddies at the end too. Love their ‘bromance’ hehe.

Especially love the scene where Jason Statham tried to save Toretto’s son (little Brian) on the plane, both exciting and cute (the earphone part) !



And tadahhhhhhh!!! A new hot cutie joined the ‘team’, I mean joined the movie ( but I’m not sure if he joined the so-called family)

Scott Eastwood ( acting as My Nobody’s new sidekick ), his name in the movie was still unknown. He played quite a lot of scenes with the ‘team’, kicking ass together, and showed some of his skills, but I’m sure he wasn’t a character who was going to take Brian’s (Paul Walker) place.

Maybe he was just a new character for the movie (he sure brought me excitement with his good looking face haha XD). Wish him good luck, & wish to see his potential in the next franchise (Wish soo…….)


So this is my own opinion on the movie, and some spoilers included. Enjoyed it, and wish u guys would go to watch it too, you can share you’re thoughts on the movie with me if u like it too! I’ll update soon on my college life, so stay tune. Feel free to comment & be sure to subscribe for more. See ya guys ———– LOVE, CASS.

~ Dazzling Cafe ~


Hi guys! CASS here. Last week I went to visit a cafe in Kuala Lumpur before my college intake, it’s called ‘Dazzling Cafe’. I came to acknowledge this cafe because a friend of mine suggest me to give it a try.

So I decided to persuade my parents who doesn’t frequently have lunch in cafe-restaurants, so I told them that since it’s my last lunch with them, I would like to try somehing new, so they agreed haha XD


I love their logo, designs and all, the surrounding was peaceful and dreamy, I like their interior design and furniture. And out of my expectations, the food was very good, at least for my standard, we definitely had a good time there!


Just couldn’t stop taking pictures in this place ^_^


I’ll give you guys a brief look of their menu. Variety of choices, different tastes. You can also ask their staff for some of the popular dishes, so you wouldn’t make the wrong choice. I always play safe with my first visit.


You know how it looks, right! And it really tastes like how it looks haha ! Wallah, magnificent~ I feel hungry again after posting those pictures above. I love sweet desserts, although they aren’t helping me with my diet, once in a while you need to repay yourself with something sweet, right?


Small Talk :

IMG_1111And finally, my conclusion for ‘Dazzling Cafe’ is…… I would really want to visit them as soon as possible, but I’m probably out of cash now, since I’m still busy with my new college life.

But I’ll soon visit them again, if I have free time, and some extra cash haha! For people who like western cuisine and desserts, this is quite a pleasurable place for you, good food, good environment, good vibe.

I’ll update my blog with some new experience in my college life. See ya —— LOVE, CASS.

My New Haircolor ♥


Hi, CASS here ♥ This is my original black hair. Recently I’ve dyed my hair into brown, but I was not happy with the results, so I’ve bleached my hair into grey instead.

At first, I was so scared that bleaching would hurt my hair, and I’ll gradually become bold, but after thinking, I’ve thought that since I’m still young, it’s fine to give new things a try, new experiences wouldn’t hurt, right?  So I just got my hair bleached as soon as I got time ^^



So at first, the brown hair turned out to be like this, actually it’s not ugly, or hideous at all, but I just don’t get the vibe of it.

Maybe photos of people with beautifully-bleached hair had an effect on me since some time ago (On Facebook,Twitter, Instagram…) I’ve had an urge to try it on my own, so it turned out that brown hair couldn’t satisfy my curiosity ☺


Before bleaching my hair, I’ve done tons of research for the suitable style for myself. I’ve went everywhere (I mean on the Internet) for samples & continuously imagining that their hair was on mine. It was then I decided to dye it grey.




And on the day that I went to the salon for a ‘re-dye’, the stylist told me about the circumstances that I would face after bleaching my hair:

  • My hair would get very dry, I mean super-duper dryyy.
  • I need to use hair care products.
  • Need to use hair mask and serum as frequently as possible.
  • Zero perming.
  • ……

After grasping the idea of it, I’ve undergo the 6 hour process of bleaching & hair dye, waohhhh I was bored as hell…. Other than sliding through websites on my phone, I’ve got nothing else to do TT



Tadaaaaa, the hair came out perfectly (I mean at first), but I have a lot of hair care procedures to undergo everyday, soo tired! But at least I tried ☺ Maybe I’ll share my hair care products with you guys if I have time ^^

I’ll have to dye my hair again after 2 to 3 weeks time, because bleached hair seems to lose color more rapid than normal hair.



I kinda like my grey hair now, but it’s somewhat troublesome. It takes 3 to 4 years for me to cut off all the bleached-parts of my hair, probably I’ll dye my hair back to black or other dark colors when I’m older, to look more mature. But thoughts might change, I wouldn’t know!

Just remember that youth is the best time for us to try, & to get hurt, it’ll lead us to a better & stronger adulthood. When we’re young, we have time to heal, as we get older, it’s better for us to keep things in the safe way.

So let’s go YOUNG, WILD & FREE, live a dreamy life ♥ —- LOVE, CASS.