Hi fellas, CASS here! This is my second time in Hong Kong, although it’s still in January, the weather in Hong Kong isn’t as cold as the past years, you’ll realize it when you see me wearing a short skirt ☺ If you’re planning to visit HK soon, just bring a jacket and some long sleeves will do. Here to share my trip ♥ Enjoy



Day 1


An early flight with my mom and sis, the flight was pleasant ☺ (Spent most of my time sleeping haha). It’s a first for the three of us to go on a trip alone, girls who travel ♥



After we checked in our hotel, we started our shopping journey, there’s a lot of malls and shops around our area, many different brands, from noble brands to normal ones. Since it was the discount season, there’s offers and sales everywhere.

Place: Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀

(The first pic was taken in Harbour City 海港城)


In the evening, we went for some dim sum. The food was good, local Hong Kong style.

Restaurant: Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao 翡翠拉面小笼包




Egg tarts are a must in Hong Kong, you must try one before you leave, it was delicious, I can eat a dozen if I have to haha, worth recommending ! I LOVE FOOD ♥



Day 2


Without having any breakfast, we went to queue up for this restaurant, it opens at 11 a.m., but people already started to queue up long before it had opened. The restaurant is awarded one Michelin Star, thumbs up !



The food was fantastic, finger licking good ! The restaurant is popular for it’s roast goose, the special sweet sauce makes it all.

Restaurant: Kam’s Roast Goose 甘牌烧鹅



There’s a bunch of things to buy in this shop, from accessories to furniture. A place full of choices, good for window shopping too haha !

Shop: Francfranc  ( iSQUARE branch )



Day 3


We went to the Ocean Park on our last day, since it was Monday, the visitors were much lesser, if you don’t want to queue up for every ride, Monday is the best choice. It’s more convenient to buy your tickets online. We got to play a lot, such as roller coasters, pirate ship, drop rides, it was fun !


img_9907img_9904 Most of the games and facilities are at the top of the mountain, so we had a cable car ride up to the very top, the scenery was beautiful, the wind was a little strong too.



Take some pictures before leaving for some fun. Breathtaking scenery ♥



The Dolphin Show ♥



As I mentioned above, there are a lots of rides, and it’s better to have a companion with you ’cause you’re gonna feel lonely if you’re alone in the rides haha ☺ Enjoyed the time, some rides were worth a try.

List of rides: click here

Place: Ocean Park, Hong Kong 海洋公园



As soon as we finished our visit at the Ocean Park, we went back to the area that we stayed , and grabbed for some sweet afternoon tea. The green tea dorayaki & ice cream was soooooo good, the ice cream was totally amazing, luscious & delicious ! Really need to try this ☺



Their puffs were special and delicious too, especially the matcha-red bean. My little sis loves it !

Shop: Sweet House Cha Cha






Actually my trip to Hong Kong this time is more of a shopping frenzy, we bought a lot of clothes for the coming Chinese New Year ! I enjoyed the food there very much, my stomach and taste buds are fulfilled haha ☺

Be sure to stay tune for more updates, a lot of ideas have popped up in my mind, follow my blog and subscribe if you enjoyed it, feel free to comment too, see ya —- LOVE, CASS ♥


Surrounded by Nature


Hi guys, CASS here! I’m here to share a place called ‘Green Valley Eco Resort‘that I’ve visited during new year, the place gives off a very peace and nature feel, the atmosphere is good for a short stay, it is located in Ulu Tiram, Johor Bahru (address is at the bottom of this page) . But the place is located in the inner part of a village, so it’s a little bit difficult to find it.I’m happy to share some of my experience there ♥ Enjoy



There’s a big lake in the middle of the resort, the scenery is quite beautiful, blue lake, blue sky, the sight was comfortable.


Visitors can ride a bike to take a better look around.


The room design was special, it’s like a round container.

The difference between day time and night time.


There are 2 beds in each room, one bathroom. The environment was clean, although the room is small, it’s considered quite comfy.


The night view was breathtaking, I’m able to take a picture of it before the sun sets.


There are villages located near the resort.




Kampung Pasir Salam Sungai Tiram 81800 Ulu Tiram.




Actually there’s still some other facilities that I haven’t mentioned above, such as KTV rooms, chalets, swimming pools. If you’re deciding on a simple trip for friends and families to spend time together, this should be a good place.

I’ll post something about my trip to Hong Kong soon, stay tune ♥— LOVE, CASS.

My Taiwan Trip ♥ 2016


Hi guys ! I’ve recently came back from a trip in Taiwan, it was a spectacular and fantastic experience. My grandma is a Taiwanese, and I’ve been to Taiwan for several times, but actually, this is the first time that I went on a trip with my friends, with no parents and guidance…  It might be fun and exciting, but it’s a little bit scary for first timers. Fortunately, we have no boundaries in language because we speak mandarin too. Here’s some experience that I think it’s worth to share with you.

Day 1

Arrived at our hostel in Taipei, the environment was comfortable and clean. It is suitable for a short stay, most of the daily commodities are prepared by the owner, it’s convenient if you are lazy to pack your daily essentials.

Hostel: 西門町溫馨小屋 Xiemding Big bedroom


After sorting out our luggage and things we went to Ximending 西门町 which is near our hostel. We ate a lot of delicious food and there was a lot of street shows, we also took a picture with some of the street dancing performers.



Day 2

While in Taipei, we frequently use MRT as our transport, it is convenient and saves a lot of money, in comparison of taking taxi.Taking the MRT, you may need to get an ‘EASYCARD‘, you can register for one at any of the train stations in Taiwan, each costs NT$100.


Our only stop at Day 2 was Tamsui 淡水, the scenery was beautiful, the day was sunny and scorching, it’s better if you can bring yourself a pair of sunglasses !


There’s a popular restaurant among the locals and tourists, it’s called A-gei 淡水阿给, the restaurant is famous for it’s stuffed tofu with soy-based sauce, it was delicious and the food gives off a traditional taiwanese vibe. Worth a try !


Before the sunset, we took a bus to Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf 渔人码头. Actually, this location isn’t include in our schedule at first, but since there’s still time, we decided to give it a try, and the experience was splendid, I think I would regret if I hadn’t gone there.

The scenery on the Tamsui Lover’s Bridge 淡水情人桥  was absolutely breathtaking, the pink sunrays was beautiful. There were people that was seen to be taking their wedding photoshoots, it was sure a good choice ♥ But a ‘lover’s bridge’ doesn’t really mean that you need a lover to get there, right ?


img_8341At night, we went to one of the famous night markets in Taipei, called Shilin Night Market 士林夜市. There were so much choices for food and we didn’t know what to choose.

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